There's a lovely village in Derbyshire called Tissington. I regularly go there with my family as there's a cycle trail that our children can ride along in safety while my wife and I walk behind chatting. On this particular day we ventured off the main cycle track and went into the nearby village of Thorpe. We wandered down this particular lane and discovered a small table with pots of damson jam on offer, next to an honesty box. My wife decided to knock at the owners door as she wanted to enquire about how to make damson jam (we'd collected lots of damsons on the walk). The scene in the picture really caught my eye, particularly the freshness of the light and the cool shadows on the buildings. While my wife was chatting to the owner of the jam stall, I made some sketches of the lane and took lots of reference photos. I completed the painting back in my studio at home.

The painting is supplied in a very high quality double mounted frame. Should you wish to buy the painting unframed, please let me know and I'll deduct £50 from the cost.