Artistic Intention

Over the years painting has become a personal journey of discovery for me. My work, like many other artists, has evolved as my knowledge has broadened and as I've strived to emulate the work of those who've influenced me most. Initially, I was often frustrated that I hadn't found my own 'voice'. However, I came to realise that one's 'voice' is not a destination in itself, but evolves as part of the artistic journey. All of the lessons, the study, the influences and life itself inform a work of art and each painting acts as a marker as to where the artist was on their artistic journey at that moment in time.

My intention is therefore to savour this journey. To bring to bear everything that I know and understand in the pursuit of creating a work of art. With this in mind, I prefer to paint from life, 'en plein air' whenever I can. Being immersed in nature gives me greater insight into colour and atmosphere than any photograph could ever do. I do use photographic reference material when painting my larger studio pieces, but I also draw extensively on the many hours studying nature directly. I want my paintings to tell the truth as I see it. We all see the world differently, but maybe in my paintings you'll see something that resonates with you too.

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