Yewdale Beck runs through the valleys and pastures at the foot of Coniston Old Man. Towards the end of October we crossed a small footbridge over the beck on our way up this well trodden mountain. The crisp, early morning air was a welcome change to the previous days of rain. Low sunlight cast long shadows across the fields beyond the footbridge, catching my eye. Always on the look out for subject matter I took a few pictures of the scene and carried on with my walk. It was two years later when I stumbled across these photos again decided to make a painting from them. The cattle were added to compliment the oranges and blues of the trees, to heighten that sense of peace and to give a focal point. I tried to work very loose when making this painting. The foreground has been built up with layers of thick paint to add depth and texture and to create the effect of atmospheric distance thin layers were glazed onto the canvas in the background areas. I'm very pleased with the final result; a rare thing for me!

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